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Self Driving Electric Minibuses Will Soon Hit Malaga’s Roads

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In just a few months residents of Malaga City will see driverless vehicles on the roads. This is as a result of a project intended to take cruise passengers into Malaga city centre in electric driverless minibuses is currently being studied.

One of the managers of Tecnalia Technology Centre, Javier Coleto, explained that the project will consist of robotic systems that will be connected to arriving cruise ships so the driverless minibuses would be able to pick passengers up. Cruise passengers could also call the vehicle through an app on their smart phone.
Although the vehicles wont require a driver they will have a human driver in the beginning so people can get used to this new way of transport. Regarding their safety, Coleto said they have a computer with all the maps of the places where they are working in high quality 3D.

In the beginning however, the vehicles will carry a human driver. This is so people can get used to this new form of transport. The safety of these new driverless vehicles may be a concern for passengers, but it seems it needn’t be as the electric minibuses will have high quality 3D maps of all the places where they’ll be working.

The safety features don’t end at 3D maps though, the vehicles will be equipped with radars and cameras which would stop them when encountering an obstacle, good news for pedestrians. They will also have GPS that connects them to satellites so its known each vehicle is at all times. The top speed is also limited to between 25 and 30 km/h.

The first test run will take place in San Sebastian. It has not yet been established when tests will commence in Malaga, but Malaga Port, Malaga Town Council and other interested companies are currently in conversations.

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