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Nokia’s AirScale 5G Tech to Enable Adoption of Self Driving Cars

Nokia believes its new Airscale 5g technology could make self driving cars a reality. Nokia announced the launch of Nokia Airscale today, at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

Airscale is supported by services that use intelligent analytics and extreme automation to fully maximise the performance of hybrid networks. Essentially Airscale runs multiple radio technologies simultaneously in one base station. What this means is that in the future your smart home, mobile and self driving car could all be linked up on the same radio network.

Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia, insists that Nokia Airscale, a 5G-ready ecosystem, is the real deal and will be instrumental in making self driving cars a reality, saying “autonomous driving could save many lives… but it needs the low-latency of 5G networks to work. We are already at the forefront of making 5G a reality and enabling massive capacity and massive connectivity – this is an integral part of our vision“, said Suri.

This new radio technology wont just make self driving cars a reality, it will make them more versatile and offer more possibilities. What differentiates Airscale from other WiFi access point systems, which would be in place at large scale events where all users would be connected to the same system, is that Airscale shifts the controller online.

So, rather than each individual base station handling what device is connected and handing over that connection to its peers as users move around, a single brain in the cloud takes control of all of that. This means that there is less congestion and the system is not overwhelmed.

With the Airscale system in place online services can feed data into any self driving car and have it show up on the dashboard, the implications for this are virtually endless. For example if you have an application on your mobile that allows you to check gas prices in the area, this information could appear on the dashboard whilst driving.

It is Nokia’s priority to have the best network security in place to enable 5g. Suri said “if we know that 5G can help save lives, improve our environment, and make our lives better, we need to move faster, not slower“.

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