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Google is Getting a Serious Rival in the Self-Driving Cars Race

Google may have some stiff competition in the self driving software industry, with more automakers opting to use Mobileye’s autonomous technology.

Mobileye, an Israeli company which is focused on real-time, vision based collision avoidance camera systems in self driving vehicles, announced a partnership with Nissan on Tuesday.

GM and VW have already adopted Mobileye’s technology, making Nissan the third large manufacturer to partner up with Mobileye. Tesla also uses Mobileye’s technology and currently has one of the most advanced autonomous driving systems.

Not only are major automakers partnering up with Mobileye one by one but the US Department of Transportation has also announced that it will use Mobileye’s technology on city buses for its Smart Cities Challenge.

Mobileye may have an advantage over their competition in the self driving industry, this is because they work with car companies, meaning they have access to cars and the data that comes with them. Could this be the advantage needed to become the dominant force in this industry?

Mobileye’s CTO and co-founder, Amnon Shashua, said “Nissan is an ideal partner to have on board with our new Road Experience Management (REM) technology.”

Hearing about REM technology is all well and good, but how does it work? According to Mobileye, REM provides “detailed interpretations of the visual field in order to anticipate possible collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, animals, debris and other obstacles”.

REM is an important advance in the self driving industry, as it’s one step closer to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology, whereby cars “talk” to each other. We may be seeing more car manufacturers using self driving technology sourced from other companies, instead of developing their own.

Associate professor of engineering and autonomous driving expert, Jeffrey Miller, said it’s likely that “we are going to see more auto manufacturers using third-party technology companies rather than trying to develop the technology themselves.”

As it stands, Mobileye are in a good position in the self driving technology industry. What is Google going to do about this? Will they feel the pressure or they’ll be able to maintain their leading position in this upcoming field? Time will tell.


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