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Car buyers would pay more for a full-fledged self-driving car

Everybody is talking about self-driving cars these days and how they could disrupt the current auto market. Many are excited about the fact while others consider that it’s still to early think of a day where you could just take a car back home after drinking a pint too many.

Now, according to recent reports, it would seem that there are people who are willing to pay an increased price in order to get a real, complete self-driving car, instead of something half-baked.

According to a recent survey conducted by IHS Markit, thousands of US vehicle owners would be willing to pay an extra $780 for full autonomy technology. Certain people would be willing to pay an extra $1,000 just to make sure that the tech they get is top notch. Colin Bird, senior automotive technology analyst for IHS Markit, said the following:

There is a large subset of consumers who are willing to pay for full autonomy features demonstrating that consumers see this more as a value-add rather than a necessary safety component, at least for now

However, Germany aficionados would actually pay an average $1,016 to get a full car that could drive on its own while those surveyed in China would only pay an additional $555.

From all the major car makers who’ve developed an interest in driverless vehicles, it would seem that Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot currently is the best technology available. But, of course, it’s not perfect, as it only allows to take your hands off the wheel for short periods of time. And you’d have to pay an extra $5,000 to get it.

A future OTA software update will bring a full self-driving system to Tesla owners, but it will cost them another $8,000. Of course, this feature is still not read for prime time and there’s no legal basis yet for it to be deployed, as well. But the Enhanced Autopilot technology is still an amazing option and we’re looking forward to seeing Tesla develop it further.

Another American carmaker, Cadillac,  will let hands-free on the highway if you will get its new Super Cruise technology in CT6 models for those an additional $2,500. Of course, as self-driving cars or at least self-driving car technologies will multiplicate, they will become much cheaper  because at the moment it seems like quite a lot!

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